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Stage Ultimate
Level n/a
Attribute Data
Location(s) n/a
Obtainable? No
Stat growth Str 2, Agi 4, Vit 2, Dex 0
Stat focus Highly Agile


Skill 1: Treasure Axe
Required VP: 51
Attack Type: Proximity Attack
Effective Range: 1 Unit


Skill 2: Asipatravana
Required VP: 56
Attack Type: Distant attack
Effective Range: 1 Unit



Rush: When using a close proximity attack, Damage is increased by a certain rate of 15%
Precision: When Using Single Attack Skill, Penetrates Enemy Defence with a Certain Rate of 15%



In-Training: Kokomon(Good)
Rookie: Lopmon(Good)
Champion: Prairiemon
Ultimate: Antylamon(Good)
Mega: Kerpymon (Good)

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