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  • Tahtorak0


    September 16, 2010 by Tahtorak0

    In the Template:DigimonNormal (which lists basic facts of Digimon), The Source mode view of the Parameter Obtainable? can be seen as "can the digi be captured, yes/no". For some Digimon in the rookie stage through the mega stage, those Digimon can not be "captured" in the wild, but may be "obtained" through leveling up in-training digimon that you capture. What should the answer be for Digimon that can be "obtained" through leveling up, but not capturable? Yes or No?

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  • CodeMyster003

    Thanks for the help keep the Digimon pages coming!

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  • CodeMyster003

    Coming Along

    March 14, 2010 by CodeMyster003

    Well the Wikia is coming along. I have put a lot of content on the Wiki and still have more to go. If you have any suggestions post them here.

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