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You can have up to 4 Tamers per account. To create a new Tamer, click the CREATE button in the bottom left of the emain screen.

On the next screen, select a Tamer and a Digimon. Enter names for them in the spaces provided, then, click CREATE in the bottom right of hte screen.

Double-click on the created Tamer to start playing!



Specialty is drawing Digimon. Likes to play card game with friends.
Not proficient with handing the cards but has an outstanding ability
to interact with a partner Mon.


Speciality is its high skills with a computer. It is also proficient in handling
cards. Does not seek Digivolution or battles but decided to become a tamer
to get rid of evil monsters.



Somewhat cold hearted. Very intelligent and is highly skilled with cards,

enough to win at the card game contests.



New tamer. Tends to be sloppy but has

exceptional skills in handling Digimon.




In-Training of Guilmon. Has physical characteristics similar to

Tokomon and has powerful teeth growth. Quite a few large sized

Digimon have been fooled by its appearance and lost. Its skill is

the [Hot Bite] that tears up its enemy.



In-Training of Renamon. Because it only moves under the moonlight,

its existence is often called an illusion. Depending on how it is raised,

it can become a very strong Digimon. Its skill is the [Killer Boulder]

that transforms itself to a boulder and emits poisonous gas.



In-Training fo Terriermon. Has a friendly personality. It has grown but

its genetics are unstable so it is soft and wobbly. However, its horn is

solid so it intimidates its enemies with a head butt. Its skill is the

[Double Bubble] that shoots out bubbles.

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