Stage Champion
Level N/A
Attribute Unknown
Location(s) Time Village

Dungeon of Darkness 3rd Floor

Obtainable? No
Stat growth N/A
Stat focus N/A

In the Time Village, there are two Clockmon. One serves as the shop keeper for a card shop, and the other serves as the shop keeper for an item shop.

The items the item shop keeper Clockmon sells and their prices are as follows:

Double Burger: 600 Bits

Chicken Combo: 800 Bits

Vitamin D: 400 Bits

Vitamin E: 600 Bits

Protein B: 1000 Bits

Protein C: 2000 Bits

Digital Admin Bureau Warp Card: 1000 Bits

Amusement Park Warp Card: 1000 Bits

MudFrigimon Village Warp Card: 1000 Bits

Geckomon Village Warp Card: 1000 Bits

Time Village Warp Card: 1000 Bits

Resurrection Potion: 5000 Bits

Babamon Village Warp Card: 2000 Bits

The cards the card shop keeper Clockmon sells and their prices are as follows:

Brave Shield: 500 Bits

Defense Plug-in C: 150 Bits

Attack Plug-in N: 700 Bits

Booster Chip: 500 Bits

Recovery Floppy M: 350 Bits

Vigor Floppy M: 300 Bits

Concise Manual: 500 Bits

Manual of Light: 500 Bits

Manual of Darkness: 500 Bits

Devil's Spiral: 500 Bits

Holy Orb: 1750 Bits

In the third floor of the Dungeon of Darkness, there is a Clockmon that can teleport players to a number of other areas for a price.

The locations it can teleport a player to and the price for each location is as follows:

Digital Admin Bureau: 2000 Bits

Amusement Park: 2000 Bits

MudFrigimon Village: 2500 Bits

Geckomon Village: 3000 Bits

Time Village: 3000 Bits

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