Digimon RPG




Digitalic, Bandai Korea



Release date:

January 22, 2002

Anyone with any personal experience with the Korean version please feel free to contribute information to this page.

Digimon RPG is the original Korean game of Digimon Battle. The game has been released by Bandai Korea in Jan. 22 2002. A Chinese version has been released by CDC Games in Sept 25. 2008.



Main Menu in Digimon RPG

Digital WorldEdit

Gameplay in Digimon RPG is the same as in Digimon Battle. The difference is the chance of capturing a digimon. People say the capture rate in Digimon RPG is 0.01% (in Chinese 0.1%) but there are no official statements from Digitalic. The idea is to move people to buy Nets from the Cash Shop.


Battle Zone Lobby

Battle ZoneEdit

The Arena is a special place for players to make rooms and battle with other people. Up to ten people can join a room for up to 5 vs 5 battles. You can allow/disallow Digivolutions and Card Slash.

Building Your Party Edit

You must have a digimon at level 11 in order to capture. You only get 3 attempts per battle.

Yokomon - Biyomon
Yuramon - Palmon
Zurumon - Elecmon
Tsunomon - Gabumon
Tokomon - Patamon
Nyaromon - Salamon
Koromon - Agumon