Earrings of Light Description
Earrings of Lights Increases INT

Necklace of Light Description
Necklace of Light Increases INT
Blue stone ring Description
Blue Stone Ring Increases INT
Earrings of Love Description
Earrings of Love Increases CON
Silver Necklace Description
Silver Necklace Increases CON
Baromon's ring Description
Baromon's Ring Increases CON
Earrings of Victory Description
Earrings of Victory Increases DEX
IC Necklace Description
IC Necklace Increases DEX
Necklace of Light Description
Ring of Friendship Increases DEX
Earrings of Victory Description
Charming Earrings Increases STR
Gaia's Necklace Description
Gaia's Necklace Increases STR


Digi egg of hope Description
Digi-Egg of Hope Increases CON

Digi egg of friendship Description
Digi-Egg of Friendship Increases DEX
Digi egg of love Description
Digi-Egg of Love Increases STR, CON & INT
Digi egg of kindness Description
Digi-Egg of Kindness Increases STR & INT
Digi egg of courage Description
Digi-Egg of Courage Increases STR & DEX
Digi egg of light Description
Digi-Egg of Light Increases STR, DEX & INT
Digi egg of knowledge Description
Digi-Egg of Knowledge Increases INT
Digi egg of sincerity Description
Digi-Egg of Sincerity Increases CON, INT & DEX
Digi egg of miracles Description
Digi-Egg of Miracles Increases STR, DEX & CON
Digi egg of destiny Description
Digi-Egg of Destiny Increases DEX & INT
Digi egg of reliability Description
Digi-Egg of Reliability Increases STR & CON


Triple circle aura Description
Triple Circle Aura Aura for maintaining Digivolved status.

Thunder aura Description
Thunder Aura Aura for maintaining Digivolved status.

Evolution aura Description
Evolution Aura Aura for maintaining Digivolved status.

Premium aura Description
Premium Aura HP, VP & EVP recovery

Pet Items

Pichimon's egg Calumon's egg Digimon's egg Marineangemon's egg Piximon's egg
Pichimon's Egg Calumon's Egg Digimon's Egg MarineAngemon's Egg Piximon's Egg


Digital admin bureau warp card Description
Digital Admin Bureau Warp Card Teleport to [Digital Admin Bureau].
Time village warp card Description
Time Village Warp Card Teleport to [Time Village].
Amusement park warp card Description
Amusement Park Warp Card Teleport to [Amusement Park].
Gekomon village warp card Description
Gekomon Village Warp Card Teleport to [Gekomon Village].
Mudfrigimon village warp card Description
MudFrigimon Village Warp Card Teleport to [MudFrigimon Village].
Under labyrinth warp card Description
Under the Labyrinth Warp Card(Quest) Teleport to [Under the Labyrinth].
Jump gate Description
Jump Gate Move to desired map (right click)
Teleport Description
Teleport Move to desired location (right click)






Cake Description
Cake HP 25 recovery

Protein a Description
Protein A EVP 100 recovery
Vitamin a Description
Vitamin A VP 25 recovery
Resurrection potion Description
Resurrection Potion Resurrecting dead Digimon
Frenchfry Description
French Fries HP 50 recovery
Protein b Description
Protein B EVP 200 recovery
Vitamin b Description
Vitamin B VP 50 recovery
Pet food Description
Pet Food Pet HP 100 recovery
Hamburger Description
Hamburgers HP 75 recovery
Protein c Description
Protein C EVP 400 recovery
Vitamin c Description
Vitamin C VP 75 recovery
Meat Description
Meat HP 100 recovery
Protein d Description
Protein D EVP 500 recovery
Vitamin d Description
Vitamin D VP 150 recovery
Burger Description
Burger HP 150 recovery
Protein e Description
Protein E EVP 800 recovery
Vitamin e Description
Vitamin E VP 150 recovery
Chicken dish Description
Chicken Combo HP 150 & VP 50 recovery


Agumon's tooth Description
Agumon's Tooth Ingredient Item

Garbagemon's garbage can Description
Garabagemon's Garbage Can Ingredient Item
Lillymon's flower paddle Description
Lillymon's Flower Peddle Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Angel's ring Description
Angel's Ring Ingredient Item
Gigadramon's wing Description
Gigadramon's Wing Ingredient Item
Machinedramon's screw Description
Machinedramon's Screw Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Ankylomon's tail hammer Description
Ankylomon's Tail Hammer Ingredient Item
Goburimon's earrings Description
Goburimon's Earrings Ingredient Item
Makuramon's crest Description
Makuramon's Crest Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Antylamon's crest Description
Antylamon's Crest Ingredient Item
Gomamon's claw Description
Gomamon's Claw Ingredient Item
Metaletemon's sunglasses Description
Metaletemon's Sunglasses Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Anubismon's bracelet Description
Anubismon's Bracelet Ingredient Item
Gotsumon's rock fragment Description
Gotsumon's Rock Fragment Ingredient Item
Minomon's shell Description
Minomon's Shell Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Aquilamon's feather Description
Aquilamon's Feather Ingredient Item
Hanguromon's saw blade Description
Hanguromon's Saw Blade Ingredient Item
Monzaemon's cotton fragment Description
Monzaemon's Cotton Fragment Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Armadillomon's shell Description
Armadillomon's Shell Ingredient Item
Hawkmon's feather Description
Hawkmon's Feather Ingredient Item
Motimon's spark Description
Motimon's Spark Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Biyomon's feather Description
Biyomon's Feather Ingredient Item
Helmet of conviction Description
Helmet of Conviction Ingredient Item
Mushroommon's seed Description
Mushroommon's Seed Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Bukamon's bubbles Description
Bukamon's Bubbles Ingredient Item
Icedevimon's wing Description
Icedevimon's Wing Ingredient Item
Myotismon's mask Description
Myotismon's Mask Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Candlemon's candle stand Description
Candlemon's Candel Stand Ingredient Item
Ikkakumon's horn fragment Description
Ikkakumon's Horn Fragment Ingredient Item
Nyaromon's whisker Description
Nyaromon's Whisker Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Caturamon's crest Description
Caturamon's Crest Ingredient Item
Indramon's crest Description
Indramon's Crest Ingredient Item
Omega blade Description
Omega Blade Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Cerberusmon's blade Description
Cerberusmon's Blade Ingredient Item
Infermon's horn Description
Infermon's Horn Ingredient Item
Pagumon's tear Description
Pagumon's Tear Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Cherrymon's cherry Description
Cherrymon's Cherry Ingredient Item
Kabuterimon's horn fragment Description
Kabuterimon's Horn Fragment Ingredient Item
Pajiramon's crest Description
Pajiramon's Crest Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Choromon's spark Description
Choromon's Spark Ingredient Item
Kapurimon's helmet Description
Kapurimon's Helmet Ingredient Item
Palmon's flower petal Description
Palmon's Flower Petal Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Cyberdramon's wing Description
Cyberdramon's Wing Ingredient Item
Kiwimon's halmet Description
Kiwimon's Helmet Ingredient Item
Paomon's fur Description
Paomon's Fur Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Demidevimon's claw Description
Demidevimon's Claw Ingredient Item
Kokomon's horn Description
Kokomon's Horn Ingredient Item
Patamon's feather Description
Patamon's Feather Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Demimeramon's spark Description
Demimeramon's Spark Ingredient Item
Koromon's tear Description
Koromon's Tear Ingredient Item
Penguinmon's fur Description
Penguinmon's Fur Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Ebemon's space gun Description
Ebemon's Space Gun Ingredient Item
Kotemon's jaw Description
Kotemon's Jaw Ingredient Item
Phantomon's chains Description
Phantomon's Chains Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Elecmon's fur Description
Elecmon's Fur Ingredient Item
Kumbhiramon's crest Description
Kumbhiramon's Crest Ingredient Item
Piedmon's trump Description
Piedmon's Trump Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Etemon's sunglasses Description
Etemon's Sunglasses Ingredient Item
Kunemon's poison needle Description
Kunemon's Poison Needle Ingredient Item
Poromon's feather Description
Poromon's Feather Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Exveemon's horn Description
ExVeemon's Horn Ingredient Item
Kuramon's eye Description
Kuramon's Eye Ingredient Item
Salamon's fur Description
Salamon's fur Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item
Floramon's flower petal Description
Floramon's Flower Petal Ingredient Item
Leomon's mustache Description
Leomon's Mustache Ingredient Item
Sandiramon's crest Description
Sandiramon's Crest Ingredient Item
Ingredient Item

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