Metal Etemon
Stage Mega
Level 84
Attribute Virus
Location(s) Sky Dungeon 2nd Fl
Obtainable? Not capturable

Obtainable through Pagumon (P)

Stat growth 4 STR, 1 DEX, 2 CON, 1 INT
Stat focus Highly Offensive


Metal Punch (Required VP: 61)

Attack Type: Short Distance

Effective Range: 1

Required Level: 41

Electric Wave of Darkness (Required VP: 66)

Attack Type: Long Distance

Effective Range: 1

Required Level: 46


ELASTICITY- When being attacked in close proximity

Damage is decreased by a certain rate 20%


Normal Digivolution TreeEdit

In-Training: Pagumon (P)

Rookie: Goburimon

Champion: Ogremon

Ultimate: Etemon

Mega: Metal Etemon

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